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Tank issues an update

Tank has issued the following update:

"It's a real shame when bands come to this isn't it? The trouble is Tank fans want to hear Tank play live. Emails have come in from all over the world. Promoters have for the last eight years been trying to book Tank shows but Algy (Ward; bassist/vocalist) can't play live.

As Algy himself says, he's not able to tour due to on going health problems. We wish him all the best there, but in the meantime it's a question of do Tank fans want to hear three quarters of Tank plus two highly qualified new chaps playing the Tank material (and some new songs) or not get to see Tank at all?

Judging from the amazing reception we received at Sweden Rock Festival last week, it would seem the overwhelming answer is yes, Tank fans are rabid to get a chance to hear Tank live. Many of the fans at Sweden Rock were young enough never to have had a chance to see Tank play before, now at last they can. Some of the old fans we spoke to nearly had tears in their eyes, saying they never thought they'd get a chance to hear Tank live ever again.

But it's always difficult for some fans to cope with band line up changes, especially when it's the front man, not able to perform any more. However, we would like to point out that since 1984, the Tank sound can be directly attributed to the bludgeoning wall of power created by the Gibson Les Pauls of Mick Tucker and Cliff Evans. The most popular songs in our live show were written by Mick and he's come up with some classic new material for the forthcoming studio album which Tank fans are going to love.

Some difficult decisions have been made over the past few months and we have no regrets. The music and our fans are what's most important to us now and always will be. Anyone who thinks we're in it for the money has been very misinformed.

Come and see us live, have a beer with us and enjoy our music.

Tank featuring Mark Brabbs (original Tank drummer since 1980), Mick Tucker (Tank guitarist since 1983), Cliff Evans (Tank Guitarist since 1984) and new members Doogie White (former RAINBOW and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN vocalist) and Chris Dale (former BRUCE DICKINSON bassist) are looking forward to headlining the Revenge Of True Metal Festival, Rovereto, Italy on 11 July and the Headbangers Open Air Festival, Elmshorn , Germany on 23 July and recording a new album for 2010."

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    June 22, 2009

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