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The 69 Eyes reveals tracklisting and album cover

69 Eyes, The Sharpen your fangs, The Helsinki Vampires are back. And this time, they're Back In Blood.

THE 69 EYES return with their ninth studio album, which has been hailed a latter-day Appetite For Destruction. With blood on their hands and AC/DC on their stereo, the bloodsuckers have combined their past to focus on the future. Turning their back on the comic book glam of Angels, The Eyes have opened a heavier chapter in their musical career. For the first time this decade, honorary sixth vampire Johnny Lee Michaels has been granted temporary leave from the batcave and Matt Hyde (SLAYER/MONSTER MAGNET) has been invited over the threshold.

The first single will be the tongue-in-cheek 'Dead Girls Are Easy' a nasty power anthem for sleazy pin-ups complete with a sing-a-long chorus aimed at those online chicks with the looks that kill! The video has been directed by MTV superstar and close friend Bam Margera and the artwork has been designed by Estevan Oriol, whose work has graced countless covers from Cypress Hill to The Transplants and Snoop Dogg.

Back In Blood contains the following 12 songs:

'Back In Blood'
'We Own The Night'
'Dead N' Gone'
'The Good, The Bad & The Undead'
'Kiss Me Undead'
'Lips Of Blood'
'Dead Girls Are Easy'
'Night Watch'
'Some Kind Of Magick'
'Suspiria Snow White'

Back In Blood will be out on August 28th in Europe (without Finland) via Nuclear Blast.

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    June 02, 2009

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