Behemoth complete tracking Evangelion

Behemoth Behemoth have completed tracking their much anticipated new album, "Evangelion", at Radio Gdansk in Poland.

Nergal is flying to UK on May 12th to join Colin Richardson who's currently mixing the record at Miloco Studios, in London.

Commented Nergal "I've just finished tracking down the vocals for "Evangelion". My chords are worn out and I can hardly speak but at the same time I'm sooo happy and satisfied with the way it turned out this time. I think there was something missing in my vocal performance on the previous record, "The Apostasy". With "Evangelion" I made sure it doesn't sound just brutal…songs are more diverse and so are my vocals. There's definitely more emotions and expression in it. You'll be surprised!"

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Date: May 11, 2009
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