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KAMELOT Keyboardist Gearing Up For Release Of SONS OF SEASONS Debut

Kamelot KAMELOT keyboardist Oliver Palotai has checked in with the following update:


Since a few days I am back home after the tour with Kamelot. Takes always some time to re-adjust, especially after so many good gigs with great audiences all over Europe. I am happy that Kamelot will appear on some festivals in Norway, Sweden and Germany before we hit the studio for the new record and have a break from the live activities.

What is now lying ahead is not less exciting! In a few weeks the debut album of my band SONS OF SEASONS will be released, as a regular and special edition. The reviews so far are great and I am happy that the journalists really take their time to listen to the album since it is not Metal Light, but rather takes a while to get into. But the longer it lasts and you'll discover new details over a long period!

If you want to get your copy of Gods Of Vermin please buy it in 2 - 3 weeks at our web shop at our new website at Also check out our tour dates for May in Germany!"


Sons Of Seasons debut album, Gods Of Vermin, will be released via Napalm Records on the following dates:

Finland / Spain - April 29th
Germany / Austria / Switzerland / Belgium / Netherlands / Luxembourg / France / Italy / Sweden - April 30th
Rest of Europe - May 4th
US / Canada - May 19th

The tracklisting: 'The Place Where I Hide', 'Gods Of Vermin', 'A Blind Man's Resolution', 'Fallen Family', 'The Piper', 'Wheel Of Guilt', 'Belial's Tower', 'Fall Of Byzane', 'Wintersmith', 'Dead Man's Shadows', 'Sanatorium Song', 'Third Moon Rising'.

The band has the following live dates lined up:

1 - Headbangers Ballroom - Hamburg, Germany
8 - Pitch Black - Niederkrüchten (Düsseldorf), Germany
9 - Fabrik - Cologne, Germany
10 - Zeche - Bochum, Germany
14 - Garageland - Dortmund, Germany
15 - Meisenfrei - Bremen, Germany
16 - Sägewerk - Neukirchen (Hessen), Germany
17 - 7er Club - Mannheim, Germany

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    April 09, 2009

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