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THE EXALTED PILEDRIVER (aka PILEDRIVER) have checked in with the following update:

"Greetings PILEDRIVER fans,

Well, I'm back again...a little sooner then normally but that's because I have something cool to talk about and it involves you, the loyal Piledriver fan.

As some of you may know, this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the release of Metal Inquisition, a record that I know a lot of you hold very near to your hearts. Also, as you may already know the band is going to Europe in July to tour in support of the latest album, Metal Manifesto. But we had a little flash of an idea. Since we are starting to think about what our setlist will be for this upcoming tour we figured it might be a cool idea to ask you the fans. What songs from Metal Inquisition would like us to play live on this tour?

Now here is what you do: you pick three songs that you want to hear live off Metal Inquisition and email your response to me at :

We will take your emails until June 1st at which time we will count the votes and the top 3 will be selected and announced here on the fan page and on our MySpace pages as well.

I remember hearing quite a few of you last tour saying 'I wish you guys would have played...' So here is your chance. Speak or forever hold your piece."


The band's European schedule is as follows:

23 - Hamburg, Germany - Headbangers Open Air
25 - Oslo, Norway
29 - Kassel, Germany
31 - Antwerp, Belgium - De Rots

1 - Lille, France - La Chimere
6 - Esslingen, Germany
11 - Warsaw, Poland
12 - Katowice, Poland
13- Bratislave, Slovakia
14 - Prague, Czech Rep.
15 - Anaburg, Germany - Miriquidi Festival

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    April 07, 2009

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