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Megadeth frontman checks in from the studio

Megadeth (2008) MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine has checked in with the following update:

"As we near the time where all of our gear will be returning from Priest Feast, I can't help but get excited about picking up where we left off. Andy (Sneap) and I are on track to start back up on the 11th or so, with the first order being setting up all of the gear again, now that it has all been moved and new gear has been received.

For example: I have just received all of the stunning Marshall 1960 DM cabinets, and I also got one of the new Randy Rhoads Marshalls to use for my lead solos. I am pumped about this!!

I have also decided on one section having a slight rhythm change, the two songs James wants to change, another song with a modulation in it, and extending one song by just a small length of time. I am really excited about some of the lyrics I have got for this record too.

So far I have six songs done with lyrics and I of course will make some changes; the opening song (which is an instrumental like the opener on So Far, So Good, So What?), followed by three others, and then I have had a little writers block on the next two because I have been waiting for the other guys to come up with lyrics for them. James (LoMenzo) has informed me that he has a song that I gave him some inspiration on done, called El Pistolero Solo of a lone gunman and his last days,

I have also gotten a real charge out of watching the guitarists this last weekend at the Messe Show and especially the Marshall dinner, because I NEVER sit down and watch anyone play. I was really having a lot of fun; watching the casual attitude of the bands along with the drive that they had to play was really good for me. I thought that the Chris George band that Marshall had play for them was really cool.

It's always cool to see some motivational playing that gets you in the mood. Watching Doug Aldrich play when Chris George was sitting back was great too, and the drummer was from another planet. He was the drummer from the great French band TRUST, which reminds me, what happened to my friend Morgan Rivalin this last trip to Paris?

Oh well, I will just have to wait to hear from him.

Have a great weekend. I know that I will!"

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    April 05, 2009

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