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Serj Tankian binds rock with an orchestra

System Of A Down Serj Tankian is best known as the intense force behind Grammy award winning rock band System of a Down.

However, right now he is rehearsing with the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra.

Since System of a Down, Tankian has enjoyed a solo career and it is this music he will play with the 70-piece orchestra at a one-off concert on Monday.

One of New Zealand's leading composers, John Psathas has been working with Tankian since last year.

Simon Williams has been blowing his French horn with the orchestra for eight years.

The APO hopes that by teaming up with Tankian they will broaden their appeal and for Tankian it is something he has wanted to do for some time.

Tankian splits his time between living in New Zealand and LA and hopes to capitalise on next week's performance by filming it for a DVD that will be released worldwide.

It will be a show that may change how some people perceive orchestras and rock.

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    March 15, 2009

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