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Vandalize shit, win a broken Dillinger Escape Plan guitar

Dillinger Escape Plan (2007) THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN have issued the following:

"So a little while ago on our street team MySpace page (you can find it in our top friends if you don't already know) we had a little contest of sorts. The prize was a signed guitar whose soul had been "liberated" onstage in a moment of passion at some point during a DEP show.

The entrants had to basically show us the most creative ways that they had put up posters or stickers in their town. The one we felt was the best, gets the guitar. Simple.

We do cool shit from time to time over there in street team land, so if you want in on the proceedings, go over there and check out the page and figure out how to get involved.

Anyhow, we got some pretty obnoxious/amazing submissions, and one girl even got arrested, so it was hard to pick a winner.

Nevertheless....TREVOR HOWARD FROM GLENDALE CALIFORNIA... COME ON DOWN!!!!! His display of Dillinger vandalization was not only impressive, but hilarious. Especially so because the paper stickers we sent out are VERY hard to peel off once they're put on something. Next time we do this, I hope to God somebody spray paints an overpass or a city bus or an elephant at the zoo, something like that, cause this kid did some good work.

Here are some (more) of his examples of guerilla decorating.

I like that one (pictured on the left) in particular because lord knows if there's anything in the world that could possibly lube up the dried up clams of the desperate middle aged Cosmo readers that watch Sex in the City, it's The Dillinger Escape Plan. If there's a remedy for their ailment, its certainly us. Not only that but the triangle on the front of Ire Works is far nicer to look at than the Kentucky Derby Winner lookalike that stars in that movie, so the sticker served multiple purposes.

Trevor really took our stickers and elevated them to a higher purpose, gave them a deeper role in life.

You win Trevor, for basically turning this contest into your own version of Project Mayhem.

In other news, there are four days and some change left that the Lurch and Sick On Sunday shirts will be available on the front page. They're up until midnight PST the night of March 15th (Sunday night). After that they are gone into the abyss forever, only to turn up years from now sweat stained and crappy looking on Ebay, so go check 'em out if you haven't already.

Video blog from our recent Australia trip is still forthcoming. Keep your beady little eyes peeled. I sorted through the tapes and realized that 80% of the footage that we took on multiple cameras is of a Kangaroo scratching his nether regions, and that is unbelievably more entertaining than any other footage we have, so its proving hard to make a very compelling video out of the rest of the boring stuff. Get back to you guys soon.

On an Australian related note... remember ALICE IN CHAINS? We kinda forgot how rad all their stuff was until we had to hear them every single day in Australia, and realized that every single song they played for an hour and a half was killlllllller. We walked around most days going "boop boop!(yeahhhh) boop boop!(yeahhhh)" from that song 'Again' that they had, and remembering how awesome it was when they did that Unplugged thing on MTV and Mike Inez had "Friends Don't Let Friends Get Haircuts" written on his bass because METALLICA had just cut their hair off.

Seriously if you are young and missed it and don't know better, you're excused but now you have no excuses (AIC pun intended)! Go check out Dirt and Jar Of Flies.... wooooooweeee that shit is good! The songs were so good that it didn't even matter that their singer is dead and they have some random guy singing for them now. Let me take that back, of course it sucks that he's dead but the fact is that when you hear those songs they're so undeniably good, especially after a full day of hair salon babyshit bands, that you wouldn't care if it was Bobcat Goldthwait singing them, you're just pumped to hear them!"
inger Escape

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    March 11, 2009

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