Mastodon debuts new video

Mastodon MASTODON has just debuted a new video, "Divination." The epic clip was helmed by Roboshobo, who also directed the video for "All Nightmare Long" from Metallica.

The clip depicts the band members on a rock n' roll mission, trudging through the frozen tundra. "We're climbing a mountain looking for a creature named Brent." guitarist Bill Kelliher told HeadbangersBlog. "We were mountaineers explorers like in John Carpenters 'The Thing.'"

"It's a really fun video," adds guitarist and vocalist Brent Hinds. "I'm an old caveman trapped in a block of ice. Explorers find me and they put the flying V [guitar] up to the ice and it melts me. I grab the guitar, do the solo and then I kill them."
"Divination" comes off Crack The Skye which hits stores on March 24th on Warner Bros Records.

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Date: Mar 06, 2009
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