The Legion post new tracks online

Legion, The Sweden's blackest of the black, The Legion, just created their own official Myspace, showing some new band pictures, media and artwork of the new album "A bliss to suffer", alongside this, they have also exclusively released a first song off the album "Call of the nameless black".

"A bliss to suffer" will see the dead of night in april on LISTENABLE RECORDS and features the bands darkest, most destructive and mature work to date. Legion features ex-Marduk drummer Emil Dragutinovic and the album has artwork once more done by masterpainter Kris Verwimp. Keep your eyes open!

Tracklist "A bliss to suffer":

1. Shining redemption
2. Call of the nameless black
3. A toil beneath the skin
4. Blood, be gone!
5. A curse for the dead
6. The luring depths
7. The inimical
8. Man-beast
9. The reaping of flesh and blood

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Date: Mar 03, 2009
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