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Oceano OCEANO, officially a number 1 band on MySpace is celebrating their achievement tomorrow in Los Angeles, California where they will shoot a video for the song "District of Misery."

Directed by Patrick Guera (DIFFICULT HENRY, HARD ECHO) and produced by Brian Thompson at The Vault LA (MUNICIPAL WASTE, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, AS I LAY DYING), the video will be shot in a converted LA warehouse and promises to be as heavy and formidable as the band themselves.

The video will see OCEANO playing the song alongside a twisted photographic interpretation of each lyrical line as it is growled. The director's vision for the photographic concept is a compelling choice for a band who's image already relies on dark intensity. "Me (Patrick Guera) and my director of photography shot some more surrealistic stuff to accentuate the brutality." As for exactly what imagery will be used;", says Guera as the directorslyly hints at some of the specific imagery. "i use a lot of gnarled branches, some human props, i don't want to give too much away. The visuals will speak for themselves"

"The video is mostly based around Oceano's performance," says Guera, "they are really brutal so we are going to accentuate that in the way we shoot them, covering them from all angles, matching our movement to the change ups in the song."

The video is shaping up to be a vital step in the ascendancy of OCEANO. You can be sure to get behind the scenes access to the making of it and more info on their official MySpace page:

"District of Misery," the blasting lead single from OCEANO's April 7th debut, DEPTHS, can be heard on Sirius XM satellite radio (where it is currently charting at number 15 on the Liquid Metal playlist). Go to and DEMAND that they play it!

OCEANO is the number 1 "unsigned" death metal band on all of MySpace.
They have also hit number 5 on the hardcore charts and number 12 on the metal charts.

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    February 26, 2009

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