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DevilDriver issues update from Australia

DevilDriver DEVILDRIVER vocalist Dez Fafara has issued the following:

"Everyone reading this needs to come to Sydney, Australia!This city is fucking killer!

We had a day off where we cruised around and took in the city, absolutely beautiful. Got killer sushi, went to a Star Wars exhibit at the museum that sent all the geeks with us into straight up kid mode! Original Darth Vader costume, Storm Trooper, OG Yoda puppet, all the models for The Death Star, Falcon etc... It was unreal!

Then we had an off show that was sold out and insane! The fans go big down here man, they were coming over the barracade like water!

We played with ATR , lacuna, and 36, it was badass! Brock from 36 took a fucking stage dive that was brutal in its attempt and perfect in its exicution! Perfect 10 LOL .

ALICE IN CHAINS had an after party at Club Q,. I went to the hotel to rest up but I'm sure the band tied one on and had a great time. It's 8 in the morning we have lobby call at 10, fly at 12:30 with bout 6 other bands and off to Melbourne to take on LAMB OF GOD in bowling!
Not hedging bets yet as:
1. I've never bowled
2. Pretty sure Lamb has
3. But... My guys went and practiced before we left so... Fingers crossed they're going down!
Hit ya back soon.
Goodday Mates."

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    February 26, 2009

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