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Ex-Celtic Frost frontman issues update on Triptykon

Celtic Frost TRIPTYKON leader Tom Gabriel Fischer (ex-CELTIC FROST) has issued the following update:

"We played CELTIC FROST's 'Babylon Fell' for the first time with Triptykon yesterday evening. I last performed this song with Celtic Frost on the tour to support the Into The Pandemonium album, an eternity ago. Many years later, I attempted to add 'Babylon Fell' to the resurrected Celtic Frost's live repertoire for the concerts and festival appearances that were planned to complement the Monotheist tour in 2008. I had relearned the song in late 2007 and transcribed arrangement and tabs for Martin. Alas, it was never to happen. By that time, Celtic Frost was no longer a band that played music but rather a congregation of enemies, and I ended up practicing 'Babylon Fell' on my own at our rehearsal room.

It was to take another year until I was finally able to play 'Babylon Fell' with a band. After a couple of trial run-throughs, Triptykon made the song come truly alive. It served to make an already very strong rehearsal session even more exceptional. Triptykon's growing repertoire of original material had never sounded so heavy and organic before, and playing 'Dethroned Emperor' and 'Babylon Fell' alongside made the experience almost intoxicating. After the months spent assembling this group and the framework around it in the face of a variety of significant obstacles, a session like last night's reinforces commitment and confidence infinitely.

Triptykon's debut album will be dark, heavy, and fiercely unique."

Stay tuned for further updates from Tom.

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    February 03, 2009

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