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SYRACH Guitarist Calls It Quits

Norwegian doomsters SYRACH have checked in with the following update:

Today we got the message we'd been expecting for some time. Our guitarist Reichborn choose to leave the band, due to lack of motivation. He finished his parts and contibuted well in the studio, which we thank him for. We guess doom is not too deep in his heart, and playing the 'slow' parts has been quite a test for him, but he is a great rock n' roller and we had two great years playing with him. So we wish him good luck in the future, whatever he decide to focus on!

That said, we will focus on our new album and get the promotion done as planned, and not rush things. We will start looking for a replacement in due time. This will only set us back a few hours ;-) no need to worry. The album is soon to be sent off to mastering and a release date will come in (hopefully) a few weeks.

Keep posted for updates! doom we trust..."

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    February 03, 2009

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