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Kirk Hammet - "Who Would Think A Band Like Us Would Be Accepted Like That"

Metallica (2008) Carlos Ramirez recently spoke with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett about the bands new album, Death Magnetic and guitars.

Ultimate Guitar: First off, congrats on being voted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame! Metallica and Black Sabbath have to be the heaviest bands to ever get in there.

Kirk Hammett: (laughter) Thanks man! Yeah, we just got the official word from them so we're still wrapping our heads around the idea. Who would have ever thought a band like us would be accepted like that? It's an honor either way.

UG: Due to the nature of the site that this interview will be going to, I wanted to ask you more about guitar than anything else.

Kirk Hammett: That sounds good to me. I love talking guitar.

UG: Thinking back, which guitarists had the most impact on you when you first started playing? I know you have mentioned your love for UFO.

Kirk Hammett: Yeah man, I really loved those UFO records! Michael Schenker had a big impression on me when I first started playing guitar. I was also struck by Jimi Hendrix at a young age. If I remember it correctly, I caught a documentary about Jimi when I was a kid and I was hooked. Something about his style just moved me. He's a guy I still listen to all the time. Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top was huge. Oh man, I still remember when Van Halen's debut album hit stores. That was life changing!

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    February 02, 2009

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