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CORMORANT Announce Tracklisting for METAZOA

San Francisco, California-based progressive black metal act CORMORANT have just announced the track listing for their upcoming full-length album, Metazoa. The album was recorded and produced by Billy Anderson (NEUROSIS, MELVINS, SLEEP, PRIMORDIAL) at Sharkbite Studios and mixed by Justin Weis (HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE, LUDICRA, SLOUGH FEG) at Traxworx Studios.

CORMORANT's sound is rooted in black/death metal and built upon forward-thinking, neoclassically-influenced arrangements. They combine the folk-tinged atmospheres of Agalloch with straight-up heavy metal thunder, the expansiveness of post-rock, and the progressive blackness of latter-day Enslaved. Drawing from a vast range of influences that both span the metal spectrum and venture far outside of it, and armed with a flawless new record, CORMORANT are poised to become leaders in the modern-day experimental metal scene. Metazoa is just the beginning.

Track listing for Metazoa

1) Scavengers Feast
2) Uneasy Lies the Head
3) Salt of the Earth
4) Blood on the Cornfields
5) Hanging Gardens
6) The Crossing
7) Hole in the Sea
8) The Emigrant's Wake
9) Sky Burial
10) Voices of the Mountain

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    January 29, 2009

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