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Sacred Oath launch new website

"Sacred Oath," the self-titled third studio album from the legendary cult power metal band, was produced and engineered by Rob Thorne at his studio Angel Thorne Music in Connecticut.
Says Thorne, "We wrote, tracked, and mixed this record in 12 weeks, about one-fifth the time we spent with Darkness Visible. The band is just on fire, riding on the high we experienced with the successful tour and the release of the live disc."

The line-up is in fact the same that appears on the live album 'Till Death Do Us Part "(2008) - Kenny Evans on drums, Bill Smith on guitar, Scott Waite on bass, and Rob Thorne on vocals and guitar. There are 10 songs on the new disc. Thorne, who has been the primary songwriter in the band from the beginning, wrote 9 and co-wrote the tenth with Evans.

Songs are as follows:

Paradise Lost
Blood Storm
Voodoo Dolls
Buried Alive
Counting Zeros
Caught In the Arc
High and Mighty
Sacred Oath
Scourge of Sin
Hunt For the Fallen Angel

Running time on the disc is about 50 minutes. Favorite track on the album? "Ooooh," says Thorne, "I love so many tracks on this disc, but I'd have to say Counting Zeros is my choice TODAY (laughs). We've always been a concept-oriented band, and that song really sums up the lyrical theme of this record."

When pressed on whether this is a concept-album, Thorne smiles. "Two powers could be at it again."

The band is giving away a free download of the first single from the new album - "Blood Storm." Simply register at

The album was mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music in New York and the graphic design and artwork was handled by Ioannis for Vivid Images Creative.

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    January 26, 2009

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