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Silent Civilian frontman Jonny Santos - "I was in a really dark place when writing the lyrics to this record"

Silent Civilian (2010) The Gauntlet caught up with Silent Civilian frontman Jonny Santos recently and asked about the darker themes in the bands new album, "Ghost Stories". "It is kinda like the misery breeds creativity thing" stated Santos. "I was going through a lot of hard shit during the making of this record. I went from being in a pretty solid relationship, having a house and a wife to sleeping on the recording studio floor and losing it all. I was in a really dark place when writing the lyrics to this record. I had a lot of animosity to certain people in my life at the time and it just reflected through my writing. Getting through each day of my life was such a pain in the ass for me at the time. I blamed certain people for these things and have blamed myself. I just channeled it all into my music. With the last record, I think I went a little overboard politically. Not that I don't think people want to hear about it, I don't think they want that much of it. I think they want an angry metal record. I challenged myself lyrically and attacked personal subjects this time."

"Ghost Stories" will be released on May 18 via Mediaskare Records. You can check out the bands first video for Last One Standing below.

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    May 12, 2010

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