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Trevor of Unearth recaps 2008

Unearth Trevor Phipps of Unearth has responded to The gauntlet and recapped 2008.

Did you have any 'Spinal Tap' moments this year?

We always have Spinal Tap moments. The writers of that movie know exactly what it is like to be in a band. Whether it is us trying to find the stage, to inner band quarrels to our name not being on the marquee or under something to the equivalent of a puppet show, it tends to happen a few times during every single tour.

2. What were some of your favorite releases from 2008?

Protest the Hero "Fortress", Early Graves "We: The Guillotine", Whitechapel "This is Exile", The Acacia Strain "Continents", Ray Lamontagne "Gossip in the Grain", Hank Williams III "Damn Right, Rebel Proud", Testament "The Formation of Damnation"

3. New Year's resolution?

I don't have one. I am happy with the way I live my life.

4. Plans for the holidays?

Spend time with family and friends and party hard.

5. What's on your ipod?

I have a ton of music on my ipod ranging from Deicide to Frank Sinatra. I also have some movies and tv show seasons on there. My favorites of late music of late have been the recent 36 Crazy Fist album, Ray Lamontagne's new one and Hank III's new one. For the video portion I am hooked on the first season of "30 Rock" and the first season of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

6. What was the craziest fan you encountered? What made him/her so crazy?

Nothing has surpassed the fan that had us sign his herniated testicle through a chain link fence. It is something we'll never forget.

7. If you could bring back one musician from the grave for a day, who and why?

Dimebag Darrell. He was an amazing musician, a man who knew how to party, a great person and a friend. We were all robbed of him too early.

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    January 02, 2009

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