Top 10 Albums You Don't Want to Find Under The Tree Tomorrow

These are all 2008 releases

Iced Earth "The Crucible of Man"

Talk about a boring piece of mediocrity. I expect much better from this band.

All That Remains "Overcome"

Fall From Grace "Sifting Through The Wreckage"

I really like this band, even the guy-liner, but this album seemed a bit rushed to me. Maybe Bodog needed to recoup some of that $1 million prize money.

Judas Priest "Nostradamus"

I really wanted to like this one. Had one or two decent songs, but a band of this calliber needs to do more to stay at the top. I didn't buy into the concept album idea either.

Six Feet Under "Death Rituals"

Great band, just became too groove oriented for my death metal tastes.

Light Yourself on Fire "Intimacy"

Only good thing about this album was it was 17 mins long.

Stick to your Guns "Comes from the Heart"

If you are going to do metalcore, you need to do something to breathe life into this tired genre or you'll sink.

The Destiny Program "Subversive Blueprint"

Song-writing is not the bands strong point. Again, if you are going to do metalcore, don't be so vanilla.

Years Spent Cold "Moving Heaven To Hell"

Nobody in this band brings anything to this album. Deathcore is so 2007.

Trigger The Bloodshed "Purgation"

This is a band that has the talent and the chops to really release something good, Purgation just isn't it. I am 100% behind this band though but think they just need to put on a few more years and they will really shine.

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Date: Dec 24, 2008
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