Lord begins recording new album

LORD has commenced the recording process for the follow-up to 2007's "Ascendence" album, entitled "Set In Stone".

Commented LORD mainman Lord Tim: "Work has finally started on the next LORD album! This album has a lot to live up to, as 'Ascendence' was very well received and we're all still fiercely proud of it, but I think what we've written will easily stand up to the quality of anything we've done before. Of course, every artist says their new album will be their best work yet, but in this case, rather than saying that, I would describe this as not necessarily better than our last album, but more so this is more true to what LORD is about; the definitive LORD album, as it were. If I were to draw comparisons between LORD and DUNGEON [the band that spawned LORD when it disbanded in 2005], 'Ascendence' would be the equivalent of the 'Resurrection' album, and 'Set In Stone' would be the equivalent of 'A Rise To Power' the album where most people would agree DUNGEON really hit its stride.

"'Set In Stone' is a true band collaboration with every song on the album being co-written, and the diversity of the material on here is greater than ever before and if you know LORD's reputation, you'll realise that's a fairly big statement to make! We're obviously really excited about the material, but we're equally excited about the special guests we have on board. We can't say who they are yet, but I think it'll come as a shock to a lot of people when they find out! We're also in talks now for a worldwide release in early 2009, and we have some big news regarding touring too. So lots of huge things on the horizon! Keep an eye on the LORD site because we'll be keeping everyone updated as we progress through the recording and we'll be revealing more information about everything I've talked about here when we're given the go-ahead. Exciting times!"

"Set In Stone" track listing:

01. Spectres Of The Ascendant
02. Redemption
03. Set In Stone
04. 100 Reasons
05. Someone Else's Dream
06. Eternal Storm
07. Forever
08. Beyond The Light
09. The End Of Days
10. Be My Guest
11. New Horizons

There will also be additional bonus material for each territory release.

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Date: Dec 18, 2008
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