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BLOODY SIGN begin production on third IBEX MOON RECORDS release

French dark death metalheads BLOODY SIGN will begin the pre-production for their third album during this week at le Bonhome studio ( This album will contain 9 tracks, 3 instrumental interludes, a MORTEM (Peru) cover to appear on a tribute album, and should be entitled /"Chaos Echoes"/. Recording the album will occur in spring 2009! Await antic dark death metal meld with chaos psychedelism and experiments, linked by a concept about music and death, music and mysticism, elemental forces, Orphism, metal, alcohol…

The band's last album, 2007's "Explosion of Elements" (CD MRI1008), took BLOODY SIGN's blackened-death sound to sickening new heights, always using haunting melodies to convey an unparalleled thirst for blood and brutality. Be sure to check out their myspace: and pick up a copy of "Explosion of Elements" on IBEX MOON RECORDS

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    December 13, 2008

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