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SACRED REICH Mainman Comments On METALLICA Opening Night

Sacred Reich SACRED REICH mainman Phil Rind has issued the following update:

"Went and saw the first show of the new METALLICA tour last night (Tuesday, October 21st at the Jobing Arena in Glendale, AZ). They were great! The stage set up, lighting, and sound were fantastic. The setlist (other than 'Until It Sleeps') was classic. Even 'Frantic'sounded good. (A quick side note. A friend of mine made a sign that said "WHY?" to hold up during 'Until It Sleeps'....but forgot it. I thought that was funny.)

The guys put on a hell of a show. Tons of energy going back and forth between the crowd and the band. James' (Hetfield) voice sounded great and everyone's playing was in top form. Considering it was the first night and the show will probably get better as they as they do it more, consider it a "don't miss" when they come to your town. As if you would have missed them anyway. Just trying to help........

THE SWORD were good, and DOWN rocked the house and got the crowd all worked up.

All in all it's good to have Metallica back and kicking ass."

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    October 22, 2008

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