Top 10 Metal Bands With 4 Syllable Single Word Band Names

It's easy to name your band something like Tool or Korn. Easy for the peasants to remember. That's not real metal, though. You're not REALLY metal until you have a one-word name with so many syllables and spelling irregularities that people have trouble pronouncing, let alone spelling your name. This is a list of the top 10 bands with one-word names containing 4 syllables. And in case you're saying to yourself, "Ho hum, these aren't that obscure or unusual," just wait until we release our list of the top 10 bands with 5 or more. Think of this as the intermediate course in metal nomenclature.

#10 Terrorizer

Terrorizer only released one album in their prime, so it would be a crime to list them any higher. What a classic it was, though. As far as grindcore bands go, they are right up there with the best of them.

#9 Kataklysm

One of the best bands to ever come out of Canada. And there have been some good ones.

#8 Anathema

A fairly difficult to classify band from the UK. More doomy than anything I suppose. A great band no matter the genre.

#7 Satyricon

The lone black metal band on the list gets some love by virtue of being one of the only decent black metal bands with a 4 syllable name.

#6 Korpiklaani
Korpiklaani are occasionally a bit goofy and esoteric for my tastes, but are always consistent an, most of all, fun. They certainly have their own rabid fanbase.

#5 Immolation
The OTHER brutal death metal band from New York. Maybe my death metal bias is showing through here a little bit, but they are an extremely underrated band.

#4 Ensiferum
The Finnish folk metallers have yet to write a bad song, despite numerous lineup changes. Few bands create such an epic battle atmosphere as they do.

#3 Suffocation
Suffocation obliterated melody and created what we refer to as "brutal" death metal. They were probably the heaviest band to date during their heyday in the early '90s, as well as one of the most technically gifted death metal bands.

#2 Metallica
What? You thought they'd be #1?

#1 Sepultura
The famous Brazilians were not only one of the greatest thrash metal bands of all time, but also a primary influence on the early death metal scene. And yes, I said were. We're speaking strictly Max Cavalera-era Sepultura here.

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Date: Oct 10, 2008
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