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NOVEMBERS DOOM Pull Out Of Upcoming North American Tour

Novembers Doom NOVEMBERS DOOM has issued the following announcement:

"It is with much regret that we must announce our departure from the ROTTING CHRIST tour in January 2009. A serious medical issue arose with a member of the band, making us unable to tour during that time. While this unfortunately prevents us from participating in the tour, thankfully it has come to light now rather than at the last minute, leaving three months time for the promoter to find a suitable replacement for us. We wish the very best for Rotting Christ and EPICUREAN, and hope their tour has great success! Our apologies to our fans who were looking forward to seeing us. This is our greatest regret, and we assure you, we'll do our best to play for you later in 2009."

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    October 04, 2008

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