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Top 10 Metal Bands From Luxembourg

With less than 2,600 sq. Kilometers of land mass, the nation of Luxembourg is no geographic giant. In fact, with respect, it's basically the Ronnie James Dio of the European Union. But like Dio, it packs a serious punch. 2 reasons: first, its famed bank secrecy rules have made it a favorite among wealthy people looking to stash their cash, making Luxembourg a big player in world finance. And second? By our calculations it has one of the highest per-capita number of metal bands in the world. Luxembourg -- population less than 500,000 -- has no less than 10 metal bands you should hear. These bands are the real deal -- and you can take that to the bank. Today we pick the top 10 metal bands from Luxembourg.

Abstract Rapture
Having won the Wacken Band Battle in 2007, Abstract Rapture blends thrash with traditional metal stylings.
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Clean State
This modern sounding metal band crosses into the thrash and death metal territories frequently with its' upcoming release Dead Angel Factory, a concept album about serial killers.
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Deformation Guaranteed
Having never released a full length album, Deformation Guaranteed has a vintage gothic/doom sound.
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Picking up from the remains of Tchaka, Ensis fuses thrash with elements of death metal. Think early Trivium.
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Good luck finding any material from this now defunct underground extreme black metal band.
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The bands music might not be pretty, but this black metal band delivers an intense sonic assault. Be sure to pick up the bands new album Nocthule.
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Playing with a straightforward thrash sound, Infect has been rocking the Luxemborg scene since 2005.
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Deathcore, at times with some hardcore elements.
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Rude Revelation
Hot girl on vocals who can growl with the best of them, these newcomers to the metal world have a bright future. Expect a new disc from them in 2009.
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Another band with a female vocalist who can put most guys to shame. Ophidian has a great since of melody mixed in with the overall thrash sound.
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    October 03, 2008

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