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STUCK MOJO Album Update Issued

Stuck Mojo Kerry Gilbert has issued the following update on behalf of STUCK MOJO, in regards to the band's forthcoming new album:

"I spoke with (founder/guitarist) Rich (Ward) on Sunday, August 31st, as he was getting ready to board a plane to the UK to do some mixing at Andy Sneap's studio. He's had his recording "blinders" on for the past few weeks, so he's been a tough guy to reach.

Rich will be holed up at Andy's for the next eight days, putting in some seriously long hours to get as much accomplished as possible in the relatively short timeframe.

Then it's back to the US to prepare for the European dates that begin at the end of the month. Rich has been so busy writing and recording that he's let his training slip, so he'll be buckling down and getting himself into "fighting trim" to be able to put on the energetic show everyone expects from the Mojo.

As usual, there will be some surprises as far as the new songs are concerned. Rich shared one track that sounds like it would have fit quite well on Declaration Of A Headhunter.

If you've enjoyed the various twists and turns that Mojo records have taken in the past (stylistically-speaking), then you should enjoy this one. If you're waiting for them to rehash stuff they've done before, you might be somewhat disappointed.

Once Rich gets back and spends a few days with Julie (they haven't seen much of each other in the past weeks), I'm sure he'll reach out to everyone and let them know what's happening in the Mojo world."

Stay tuned for further updates.

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    September 03, 2008

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