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Devildriver front man issues Ozzfest recap

DevilDriver DEVILDRIVER vocalist Dez Fafara issued the following blog earlier today:

"The night before Ozzfest (August 9th) we were in Houston and it was cracking thunder and pouring down rain. The following morning after a five hour drive I awoke at 9am in Dallas to the sound of metal bands!

To mention any bands , whom I liked or didn't would only single out my particular taste, instead of drawing attention to the fact that the lineup was diverse, massive in the fact that it had well established artists as well as solo projects and shoot offs from other bands .

A perfect example would be John Davis, or Serj... solo, another example of this is CAVALERA CONSPIRACY. The fact that OZZY and METALLICA were on the same stage together in one night is mind blowing. I can only hope that next year's Ozzfest works with this such model because it worked!

From what I heard it sold out clean at 32,000. Hello did you hear me!?!? 32,000. In the States for a festival to do those numbers are insane and lends credit to the fact that the USA can and will turn out for their metal festival much like the European fans!

The side stages worked well, because both the small stage and second stage were side by side and the bands just kept playing one after the other. Those two stages did compete with other bands going on at the same time on the main stage. This would be the only thing that I think could be worked on... Is that NO band goes on at the same time allowing the music fan to see all their favorite bands and not compromise one band for the other.

The weather was hot, the crowd was rowdy and the day ended perfect with two of the most legendary artists, Ozzy and Metallica closing out a sold out metal concert! We thank them for inviting DevilDriver. We had a great time with a lot of good friends!"

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    August 13, 2008

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