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Drowning Pool Frontman comments on Ozzfest appearance

Drowning Pool Vocalist Ryan McCombs of DROWNING POOL has issued the following update:

"[Saturday, August 9] was Ozzfest in Big D [Dallas, Texas] and I want to thank everyone that came to the Texas stage and tore it up with us. We had a blast. A hot godamn blast, but a blast just the same. I think one of my personal highs of the show was before we even took the stage. The gentleman that announced us, I'm guessing a bit clouded, went into the presentation. As he did, he started talking about Dez and DEVILDRIVER. Didn't think much about it until I realized he was a bit confused as he started trying to get the crowd to chant 'DEVILDRIVER.' I stood backstage thinking, 'Oh, shit, what the fuck?!' But then then it happened. The crowd started chanting back to him 'DROWNING POOL.' I just had to start laughing. Felt good to know the people out there that allow us to do what we do knew exactly who was coming up next and was there at that moment to see us. THANK YOU!!!

"Y'all kicked ass and continued to throughout our set.

"Talking to all our friends in the other bands through the night, everyone was blown away by the crowd all day long. Heard it was 102 degrees out but it felt about 120. But everyone there in the crowd braught it all day long.

"I got to catch Ozzy's set, and as always, he, Mike and Zakk were balls on. I didn't stick around to watch METALLICA as my attention span is a bit shorter due in part to a clearer state of mind that I'm trying out but from the bus area they sounded their always slamming selves.

"In Fayettville, Arkansas tonight which is always a good time.

"Well, I won't bore your asses with anymore. Besides, my thumb and nub are tired.

"So, in closing, thanx again to all you crazy fuckers that give us a job to do and a big goddamn kudos to you completely insane peeps that tore it up at Ozzfest."

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    August 11, 2008

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