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Staind guitarist checks in

Staind Mike Mushok of STAIND has issued the following update:

"We got to see the first cut of the 'making-of-the-record' piece that was recorded over the last 8 months or so. I'll tell ya, I think it came out really good!! It's a pretty comprehensive piece that includes interviews with all of us in the band and Johnny K, the producer. There was so much footage shot, I swear it could have been two hours long, but this was a half-hour piece that I think will be available on the Internet when the [new STAIND] record comes out. You really get to see where we recorded and how things went down along with everyone's personalities. I think if you're a fan you'll enjoy watching it. I did.

"Well, two weeks from today the record comes out. I can't believe the time is here. Starting to get a bit nervous, for some reason. I also can't wait for people to be able to sit back and be able to listen to the whole thing. I think all the songs need to be heard for sure — hopefully everyone enjoys it."

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    August 06, 2008

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