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Metallica Denies First Single Off "Death Magnetic" Is Political

Metallica - Death Magnetic Metallica has denied that 'The Day That Never Comes' is an attempt to send a political statement about America's ongoing involvement with the war in Iraq. The video for the song, which is due to be released in early September, depicts a solider aiding a wounded solider. The song will be the first single off the bands new album.

Speaking about the track, frontman James Hetfield told MTV News he hoped the band could put "the human element in what is an unfortunate part of life.

"There are people over there dealing with situations like this, and we're showing the human part of being there," he said.

"There are so many celebrities that soapbox their opinions, and people believe it's more valid because they're popular. For us, people are people Ś you should all have your own opinion."

Hetfield told MTV that he hoped the video would help "cut through" peoples opinions of the war.

"The politics and the religion tend to separate people, and what we're trying to do is bring it together with the common thread of resentment and forgiveness," he added.

'The Day That Never Comes' is the first song from the bands eagerly anticipated new album 'Death Magnetic', which is released worldwide on September 12th.

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    August 04, 2008

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