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Insomnium guitarist issues update

Insomnium Guitarist Ville Friman of the Finnish metal band INSOMNIUM has issued the following update:

"We are currently rehearsing new material, which will become fourth INSOMNIUM album at some point. At the moment, we have four songs ready and lots of semi-ready material in store just waiting to be trained and arranged properly. We have also booked Fantom studio (where 2006's 'Above the Weeping World' was made) for March 2009 and the new INSOMNIUM album is scheduled for autumn 2009 release. We know that it is long wait but at the moment we do not have any choices if we want to guarantee the quality over quantity.

"Reason for such long interval in releasing albums is mainly due to touring and difficulties in getting a proper rehearsing place. And yeah, also the general laziness and simple misfortunes have played their roles. Year ago, we had one decent place in Joensuu which we renovated to pretty good shape from a scratch. Only day after moving our stuff in, we got hit by a flood, which was caused by heavy summer rain. Luckily our gear did not suffer any serious damage. In addition, we have been moving (again) inside Finland to different cities and this has made it difficult to find rehearsing place from a reasonable distance for all of us. Thus, this year has served us a well-deserved break to get everything back together and our minds concentrated to the new album.
"About the songs already in good shape; one is really epic one with clock ticking almost over 10 minutes. Great song with vibe of last two AMORPHIS albums with more heavier edge and INSOMNIUM style of lead work. The second new song turned out to be quite long one as well but in my opinion this one holds more 'hit' potential in it, mainly because of simple arrangement and catchy melodies. Could be maybe described as being somewhere between 'Bereavement' and 'Last Statement'?!? Or what the hell I know; sounds good though. Third song sounds bit like a tribute to SENTENCED because the melodies bear similarity to the melancholy heard in 'Amok' or 'Down' albums. Otherwise the song is pretty slow, depressing and quite doomy. Just the way we like it. Fourth song ready is bit faster and riff-orientated. Composed partly in the last North American tour. Potentially a good live song. We'll see."

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    July 24, 2008

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