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HELION Part Ways With Vocalist/Guitarist Simo Autio

Finnish melodic metallers HELION have issued the following update:

"Well, shit, it happened again.

Simo Autio informed us that he's quitting music and with it, Helion. Unfortunately the last resort to find the spark, joining Helion, wasn't enough to turn his mind around: 'I should have quit altogether a year ago. During the past couple of years I haven't had the motivation to practice, to play.' Realities of everyday life and long distances didn't help either.

It seems as if the latest album should have been named Bad Luck rather than Bad Dreams, albeit both are quite adequate to describe the latest happenings. On the other hand, no one should act surprised anymore as some might have expected this tragicomedy happen one day or another. This time it just happened sooner than any of us could have expected.

But, we did achieve something good with Simo and Bad Dreams and Broken Shadows, as the album sounds like what Helion should have sounded years ago. That's something all of us can be proud of. We're glad that Autio was able to lend his talents to us and help the band evolve. There's no drama involved with this and everyone's equally bummed out by it. Thus, we wish him all the best. No regrets, no hard feelings. Thank you, brother!

As for future, it remains to be seen. As it appears, we're back to square one, but fear not as The Phoenix shall rise!"

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    July 18, 2008

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