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Drowning Pool cancels tonight's show in OK

Drowning Pool Drowning Pool has issued the following update from the road to explain today's show cancellation in Shawnee, OK.

"It pains us to have to write this today but here goes...
Drowning Pool was unable to perform the show in Shawnee, Ok. today because of a number of reasons outside our immediate control... I'll try to explain why but I realize not everyone will find this acceptable and for that we apologize ...
When you are on the road for 16 months, You've played just about every major city/venue there is. (and then some) In a-lot of cases, you come back to the same city/venue 3,4,5 or even more times!... In an effort to bring the show to more of our friends and fans, we've started to look outside the typically played cities/venues.... When this happens, you take it on faith that the needs and requirements for putting on a show (as per a standard performance agreement) would be met by the venue?! In most cases, they are...
Quite simply, today, there was no way a show was going to be "pulled off" with the stage and PA equipment that was on site...We realize the venue and its operators feel the opposite but you're wrong. SORRY. There's no way in good conscious could you expect to "back-line" 3 national touring bands, then 3 more opening bands on that stage?! Much less "Properly Mic" all bands and their equipment and deliver a quality sounding show to the people, all the while crossing your fingers the stage doesn't collapse?!?!? That's not the way DP rolls...
We'll bitch out our booking agent, they'll bitch out the promoter, the promoter will bitch out our manager, our manager will bitch out our booking agent... see where this is going?! At the end of the day, no matter who says what to who, despite efforts, The thing that sucks the most is that you and we will not rock the shit?!?!?!?

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    July 16, 2008

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