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ORDER OF ENNEAD, the recently-formed Floridian extreme metal band featuring STEVE ASHEIM (drums; DEICIDE), SCOTT PATRICK (bass), KEVIN QUIRION (vocals, guitar) and JOHN LI (guitar), have revealed their brand new debut track, entitled "The Culling".

"The Culling" is a fitting debut track for ORDER OF ENNEAD, delivering everything you could want from an extreme metal song - brutal drums, harsh vocals, pulverising riffs and shredding solos.

Check out ORDER OF ENNEAD's brand new track, "The Culling" at

ORDER OF ENNEAD vocalist and guitarist KEVIN QUIRION recently described the meanings behind the songs. Here's what he had to say about "The Culling":

"This one is about getting rid of those who bring you down and ridding yourself of destructive habits. Distancing yourself from negativity and those that are negative. The abolishment of those who are non-supportive."

ORDER OF ENNEAD's self-titled debut album was recorded at Audio Hammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with the help of MARK LEWIS, and will be released by EARACHE RECORDS in Europe on October 13th and in the US on October 28th, followed by widespread touring.

Check out a video of ORDER OF ENNEAD guitarist JOHN LI tracking solos for the album at

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    July 16, 2008

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