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Onslaught working on new material

Onslaught ONSLAUGHT have issued the following update:

"Just to let you all know, ONSLAUGHT will now begin work on writing the follow-up album to last year's thrash assault 'Killing Peace'. First track was written and completed early last year, but now over the next few months we will forge ahead to write the remaining slabs of 666% pure thrash. We have a choice of three titles for the new album and all of the basic song outlines are firmly in place...

"We're all real excited about making this album. We have our own studio set-up and a whole new outlook on how to make this next record a screaming fucking monster!!! With [new guitarist] Andy Rosser-Davies now in the band there's gonna be lots of fresh input and a slightly different slant to the SLAUGHT. He's a very aggressive player, very much like me, so the musical violence is gonna be increased considerably...with serious amounts of shredding!!!"

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    July 14, 2008

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