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LOOK WHAT I DID Unveils First Track

Look What I Did After some time spent working hard in the woodshed, Look What I Did is back with a brand new song entitled "Brigham Young & David Koresh Rally the Troops on the Moon." The song has been released online via YouTube and can be heard at the link

This track is the first offering from the band's upcoming release "Zanzibar III: Analog Prison". Although this release was originally intended as an EP, the band has written nearly 2 hours of music, and thus plans have changed. "Zanzibar III: Analog Prison" will now be a full blown rock opera whose running time will likely exceed existing physical formats. Plans are being made to release the epic rock opera on a unique and collectible physical format which will be revealed in the future.

This first track features 5 guest vocalists from bands like Marj, Thomas Medicine, Mi-Careme, and Gay Vibes, and additional tracks from "Zanzibar III: Analog Prison" will feature a wide range of exciting special guest musicians. Special guests slated to contribute to upcoming tracks include members of amazing bands like The Faceless, The Human Abstract, Foxy Shazam, Last Chance to Reason, Dog Fashion Disco, and many more.

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    August 29, 2011

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