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Alice Cooper teaches bible study at church

Alice Cooper Shock rocker Alice Cooper is not a bad boy at heart - he occasionally teaches Bible lessons at his local church.

The reformed wild child, real name Vincent Furnier, dons menacing face paint when he hits the stage for a concert, but insists he is far from intimidating when he attends his weekly church service.

He says, "I go to Bible study on Wednesday mornings - I even teach sometimes - but I'll still get up on stage and be much scarier than Marilyn Manson." And he has no problem balancing his religion with his career path - because he doesn't swear.

He adds, "It doesn't mean that, as a Christian, you can't be a rocker or an entertainer. It's your lifestyle. I never use bad language. That's not gentlemanly. Alice might slit your throat but he'd never use the F word."

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    July 03, 2008

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