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ANAAL NATHRAKH's Mick Kenney Looking for a Vocalist for Side Project

Anaal Nathrakh ANAAL NATHRAKH's Mick Kenney has issued the following update:

"I am looking for a vocalist to be the front guy for my new band. I haven't got a name for it yet, but I've got about 30 tracks for an album ready and waiting for someone to sing on. I don't want any extreme metal screaming vocals. Just powerful melodic vocals, I guess, in the style of anyone like Phil Anselmo, M. Shadows, Jonathan Davis, James Hetfield, Corey Taylor, the guy from LINKIN PARK... anything like that kind of style. Although the style of music isn't really anything like those bands, but that is the best way to describe the vocals that I am looking for. I am open to other styles too. Basically someone who can sing with conviction and attitude. I don't mind if you're already in a band and want to try other things. I have my own studio so I'm ready to rock whenever I can find someone. I'm based In Huntington Beach, California, so please message me if you're interested. Send me a link to some of your work."

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    July 03, 2008

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