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NOVEMBERS DOOM check in from Europe

Novembers Doom Chicago's NOVEMBERS DOOM, who are currently touring in Europe and will release their first
live DVD "The Novella Vosselaar : Live in Belgium" on August 5th, 2008 (via THE END RECORDS), have issued an update.

In a posting online, vocalist Paul Kuhr relates how good of an experience this year's Graspop Metal Meeting was for the band:
"What an amazing festival. I've never seen anything that operates so smoothly. This is easily a career highlight for us. We played to a solid crowd
of thousands in early afternoon. Sensational all the way around, from the staff and crew, and the fans here are incredible.
We might not come home! Our entire set was pro shot, and I've posted a song from the set on Youtube.

You can see 'Dark World Burden' below

Enjoy, and we'll give you a full update of the next 3 shows when we get home. Cheers!"

More on the DVD:
The tracklisting is:

Live Performance
1. Rain
2. The Novella Reservoir
3. Dark World Burden
4. With Rue and Fire
5. Autumn Reflection
6. For Every Leaf That Falls
7. The Day I Return
8. Not The Strong
9. The Voice of Failure
10. Silent Tomorrow
11. Within My Flesh
12. Drown the Inland Mere
13. The Pale Haunt Departure

Bonus Material
Promotional Videos
1. Rain
2. Autumn Reflection
3. The Pale Haunt Departure

Fan Made Videos
1. Twilight Innocence
2. Dark World Burden
3. Broken
4. The Lifeless Silhouette

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    June 30, 2008

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