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THE AMENTA Enter Studio To Mix Their Upcoming Album

Amenta, The THE AMENTA enter The Vault Recording Studios in Sydney, Australia this week to mix their latest release, n0n with longtime engineer Lachlan Mitchell (NAZXUL). Mastering for the album will take place at Studios 301 with Australia's premier mastering engineer Steve Smart.

The Amenta describe the new albums sound as a fusion of Extreme metal, Electronic Noise and Dub. n0n will feature 12 tracks in total. Song titles include 'Skin', 'Rape', 'Cancer', 'Whore', 'Dystrophy', 'Atrophy', 'Slave', 'Vermin', 'Dirt', 'Spine' and 'Junky'.

According to a press release, "With each song featuring over 100 actual recorded tracks, The Amenta's new album pushes technology to its absolute limits."

The recording of the album spanned three different countries and seven different studios. n0n contains a myriad of different contributors and performers with no less than two drummers, six vocalists and two bass players recording on the album which features guest appearances from Jason Mendonca - AKERCOCKE, Alice Daquet - SIR ALICE, Alex Pope - RUINS and more.

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    June 25, 2008

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