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Intronaut recording new album

Intronaut Unparalleled intensity, psychedelic brutality, captivating hooks and just the right dose of unpredictability have defined Southern California's Intronaut since their inception in 2004. But, they'll be taking thinking man's metal in a new direction with their Century Media Records debut, Prehistoricisms. The band is currently tracking drums at Opera Studios in North Hollywood and recording guitars and bass at Castle Oaks Studios in Calabasas. Vocals are being completed at Clearlake Audio in North Hollywood, and the whole process is being engineered by Josh Newell (Jane's Addiction). Expect a release later this year.

"I can't even begin to express how excited we are about this record," said frontman and guitarist Sacha Dunable. "It's definitely our most densely packed body of work yet. In addition to the standard Intronaut angle of attack, we have some surprises including an awesome guest solo from Negativa/Gorguts guitarist Steeve Hurdle, as well as some truly jaw-dropping moments of Indian/metal fusion courtesy of Joe and Dave. Stoked."

In October 2007, Intronaut released The Challenger EP, but this will be the band's first set of recordings with new guitarist and longtime friend Dave Timnick, with whom they have only recorded one Pink Floyd cover ("Arnold Layne") for a Syd Barrett tribute disc up until now.

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    June 06, 2008

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