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Krisiun Offers Album Update

Krisiun KRISIUN's Southern Storm dawns upon us and is destined to set ablaze the entire extreme metal scene with untamed fury and deadly precision! Integrity, brutality, and an undying fervour for the uncompromising and unrelenting art of pure fucking death metal is what has kept the Brazilian three-piece going for more than 15 years! With their seventh studio album, Southern Storm, the hyperspeed brothers prove once again that they are as unstoppable, violent and dedicated as ever. The album is set for release on July 21st (Europe).

Once again, Krisiun chose to work with producer Andy Classen (who already worked with the band on 1999's Conquerors Of Armageddon and AssassiNation) at the Stage One Studio in Germany and the result offers everything the band's rabid fan-base loves since day one: ferocious high-speed blasting, infectious double bass-driven grooves, razor-sharp riffs, devastating leads and a unique feel for combining catchiness with technicality. Tracks like the massive opener 'Slaying Steel', 'Combustion Inferno' or the band's rendition of the SEPULTURA classic 'Refuse/Resist' are nothing but crushing death metal hits.

See below for the album's full track-listing:
'Slaying Steel' (4:11)
'Sentenced Morning' (3:59)
'Twisting Sights' (4:05)
'Minotaur' (3:51)
'Combustion Inferno' (4:23)
'Massacre Under The Sun' (4:43)
'Bleeding Offers' (3:24)
'Refuse / Resist' (3:00) Sepultura cover
'Origin Of Terror' (4:05)
'Contradictions Of Decay' (4:08)
'Sons Of Pest' (4:47)
'Black Wind' (0:48)
'Whore Of The Unlight' (4:23)

A first track as well as an in-depth studio report clip will be posted online soon.

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    May 15, 2008

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