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ABORTED Post Two New Songs, Album Artwork

Aborted Mankind's sense for creativity probably manifests best in the sheer unlimited ways of torturing, mutilating, and killing each other. Successfully applying this atrocious inventiveness to their perversely precise sonic executions, "European death metal butchers" ABORTED with members hailing from Belgium, France and the UK have refined and re-defined the tools of their trade on their sixth full-length, Strychnine.213, to murder the listener with unimaginably gruesome, shockingly diverse brutality.

Besides the macabre cover artwork by Colin Marks / Rain Song, Aborted now present you two new songs from their follow-up to 2007's Century Media debut, Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture, at their revamped MySpace site.

'I35' demonstrates how Aborted have successfully increased the modern, darker and surprisingly dynamic and melodic elements of their sound, whereas 'Pestiferous Subterfuge' is another brutal groove monster, heavy to the max! Listen to them now at Myspace.

Combining the band's undeniable live energy with a powerhouse production from Eric Rachel (THE RED CHORD, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, GOD FORBID, etc.) and a "fuck you' rock'n roll" approach to the overly edited, sterile sounding death metal records of today, Aborted succeed in retaining their vicious roots while evolving in terms of melody, musical virtuosity and vigor.

Strychnine.213 reinforces the notion that Aborted have doubtlessly developed into extreme metal's most promising new breed.

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    May 05, 2008

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