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Dick Delicious Not sure how it is possible, but Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles had more returns than sales in October for the band's latest physical CD release. At the start of October, Dick D's CD "A Vulgar Display Of Obscurity" started out with 113 units in stock at the distro. By October 31, the distro had 116. Of course these numbers are just the NET volume moved so they might have shipped 50 and had 53 returns but we may never know. To ad insult to injury, the band was also handed a bill to cover the returns in the amount of $26.70.

When contacted, frontman Jay Quinlan stated to The Gauntlet "When I started playing guitar so many years ago, it was always my dream to someday by handed a BILL for the music I created. Our aim has always been to offend the listener both aurally and lyrically, so the fact that more people bought and returned our CDs than kept them is a great honor. We really should be inducted into the "Rock n' Roll Hall of Lame!"


Jay Quinlan recently formed a new band called Bath Salts Cannibals. Check out the band's music below:

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    December 03, 2012

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