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BLUT AUS NORD tracklisting announced

Blut Aus Nord (2007) French Experimental Black Metal masters, BLUT AUS NORD, have set the following as the track listing for their forthcoming album "Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue With The Stars"
1- Disciple's Libration (Lost In TheNine Worlds)
2- Antithesis Of The Flesh (...And Then Arises A New Essence)
3- The Alcove Of Angels (Vipassana)
4- ...The Meditant (Dialogue With The Stars)
5- Acceptance (Aske)
6- Translucent Body Of Air (Sutta Anapanasati)
7- The formless sphere (Beyond The Reason)
8- The Cosmic Echoes Of Non-Matter (Immaterial Voices Of The Fathers)
9- Elevation (The Dawn Of The Gods)

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    April 10, 2008

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