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The Eternal Finishing Up New Album

Eternal, The THE ETERNAL has issued the following update:

"After completing all the tracking in February, we have been editing and preparing files for the final mix [of the new THE ETERNAL album, 'Kartika']. A small change of plan occurred and it was decided that Mark [Kelson; guitar/vocals] would head over Helsinki, Finland and ferry his away across to Tallen, Estonia to mix the album with Endel Rivers. Endel recently relocated back to his home land of Estonia and after what we felt was a solid album, 'Sleep of Reason', we thought it would be best for Endel to mix the new album. So after a hectic and confusing few months we are back on the track to completion. Mark will be returning to Australia with a mixed album May 19th and we look forward to finally moving onto the next stage of the project. We have decided to do a show in Sydney in May to get ourselves back in the flow before we start any 'Kartika'-related touring. We have also added some new studio photos from the vocal sessions at Palm Studios."

"Kartika" projected track listing:

01. Self Inflicted
02. Means for an Ending
03. Blood
04. Without Reason
05. A Pale Reflection
06. Illuminate
07. Walk Beside You
08. Brighter Day
09. Kartika
10. Silence
11. July
12. Lost Our Way
13. Inside the Grey
14. I've Seen The Dream Through Someone Else's Eyes
15. Sunshine
16. Frozen Sun
17. Last Embrace

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    April 10, 2008

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