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KREATOR "Concentrating On Writing The New Album"

Kreator (2005) German thrash legends KREATOR have issued the following update:

"For some reason, we are still getting a LOT of emails, comments, messages, etc. about Kreator and the cancelled KING DIAMOND tour.

King Diamond had to cancel the whole tour because of health issues. Regardless of what any club website may say, Kreator are NOT doing ANY SHOWS in the USA as of right now! No off-dates, no one-off shows, no tours.... nothing.

Instead, they are concentrating on writing the new album and will only be making a few festival appearances in Europe at the moment. Once they are done with the new album, then they will make their way back to the USA.

Until that time, all of us here in the USA will just have to be patient.

I hope this makes everything absolutely, positively clear because I would hate for a fan (or more) to show up at a club expecting Kreator to play and then get really disappointed.

And you can be assured that the guys are working very hard on the new album and make your wait worth while!"

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    April 10, 2008

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