DEW-SCENTED Reveal New Lineup

Dew Scented (2012) German thrashers DEW-SCENTED -- whose new album, "Icarus," will be released this summer -- have unveiled their new lineup. The current roster for 2012 features (l to r):

Rory Hansen – Guitars
Marvin Vriesde – Guitars
Leif Jensen – Vocals
Joost van der Graaf – Bass
Koen Herfst – Drums

Jensen made the following statement in regards to the changes: “I’m proud to present a new chapter in the history of DEW-SCENTED! By early 2011, after four weeks of European touring with Nile, it showed clearly that our previous 'Invocation' lineup was collapsing, and one member after another left the fold for different reasons. We decided to play some final festival shows together in the summer, and after Party.San and Brutal Assault, DEW-SCENTED went away from the spotlight in order to re-group and regain new focus. And here we finally are again, back with an improved lineup and a really strong new album!”

The new lineup reintroduces Marvin Vriesde (Severe Torture, ex-Blo Torch) as the lead guitarist as well as the key songwriter. Vriesde has been involved with DEW-SCENTED -- whether as a live session guitarist as well as a studio guitarist – since the band’s first major tour in 1996. “I’m truly happy to have finally managed to team up with my buddy Marvin in DEW-SCENTED," Jensen says. "Being one of my closest friends in music and the band’s ‘longest running companion,’ it’s amazing to be able to finally put the band’s musical present and future in his hands. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the great results we achieved!”

Vriesde commented: “DEW-SCENTED and I have a long history together. I helped the band out on several occasions in the past -- studio as well as live situations -- so when Leif suggested joining forces for real on the new record, I was thrilled! This allowed me to write DEW-SCENTED songs that I would really want to hear from the band, from a fan's point of view."

Rounding out the lineup are drummer Koen Herfst (I Chaos, Epica), bassist Joost van der Graaf (I Chaos, ex-Creepmime) and guitarist Rory Hansen. According to Vriesde, “The writing process went really smooth and focused. Leif and I were bouncing all these awesome ideas around. We realized that these songs deserved to be recorded in the best form possible. That's why I asked a good local friend of mine, Koen, to handle the drums. In turn, he brought in Joost to handle the bass duties for the album. Both are amazing musicians, and that's what sets 'Icarus' apart for me. I think everyone brought something extra to the table, which really took the album to a higher level. 'Icarus' is a really heavy album, but it somehow has a darker feel to it in comparison to the previous DEW-SCENTED albums."

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Date: May 14, 2012
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