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Stormlord Reveals New Album Details

Stormlord "Hi legions of the Storm, finally it's time for the big announcement:
the 23 of May 2008 Locomotive Records will release our long awaited fourth album, titled "Mare Nostrum".

It was recorded at Giuseppe Orlando's Outer Sound Studios (Necrodeath, Novembre, Klimt 1918 and many more) and mastered at Finnvox Studios by the well known engineer Mika Jussila (HIM, Children of Bodom, Nightwish, Sentenced etc.)

The entire artwork was made by Gyula Havancsak (Annihilator, Destruction, Benedictum, Elvenking, Grave Digger and more).

This is the final tracklist of the album:
1. Mare Nostrum
2. Neon Karma
3.Legacy Of The Snake
4. Emet
5. The Castaway
6. Scorn
7. And The Wind Shall Scream My Name
8. Dimension: Hate

The journalists that had the chance to listen to it during the studio reports describe "Mare Nostrum" as a mix of our first two albums, "Supreme Art Of War" and "At The Gates Of Utopia", played and arranged with a superior maturity and technical skill.

We just can say that we love our new songs, they sound epic like in the old times without forgetting the style of "The Gorgon Cult".
There are a lot of new solutions that we never used before like sitar, folk parts, gloomy clean vocals, "Mediterrean" ethnic instruments and an amazing drum work. Our singer Cristiano has sealed his best performance so far, going from high pitch screaming to earthquaking growls, while the keyboard work, now up to our guitar/keyboard player Gianpaolo, is the most Epic thing we've ever done in ten years.
Expect a bombastic yet furious avalanche of Extreme Epic Metal, we know that some people has been waiting for this since a long time, we will not disappoint them.

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    April 08, 2008

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